Sunday, 6 October 2019

Soaking Sunday....

Another Googly girl has been in the works lately, and today I had hoped to get her listed in my Folksy shop but sadly it's  been pouring with rain all day.... That's Autumn for you! Soggy, soaking and saturated.....

Anyway, here's a sneak peek, and with any luck tomorrow will be a little brighter. 

Dottie Dollie Googly Girl

Dottie Dollie Heubach Googly 

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Something New Sunday...

You know I love Googlies right? I've been working on this girl for a few weeks on and off, now she's finally ready. She's celebrating with a little cake and juice....🥰
The Little Shop collectibles from Marks and Spencer, and my 1/12th scale table and chairs, are the perfect size for this 15cm Dollie.
M&S Little Shop for Dollie

She's dressed in a blue tana lawn and lace dress, with flower Liberty print panties. I made her a straw bonnet, and decorated her stand with a William Morris print.

Googly in Liberty Print Panties

Dottie Dollie Googly Clothing
As usual, all of her clothes are hand sewn, and fully removable.
She is a perfect cabinet sized doll, and is ready to display with her complimentary doll stand.

Dottie Dollie Googly Doll
 Her eyes are painted in my favourite grey/blue, which has such a lovely vintage look, and it works well with her lightly curled auburn mohair wig.

Kestner Googly Reproduction
You can find her now in my Folksy shop

Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Wordless Wednesday

Lucy Pendant - Dottie Dollie

Doll Face Pendant - Rose

Dottie Dollie Doll Pendant

Rose - Dottie Dollie Pendant

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

I Don't Like Mondays.....

Actually I normally LOVE Mondays! Every week it's a wonderful fresh start, new adventures, new creations..... but yesterday it didn't quite work out that way.....

So the plan was to take photos, and get some new work into my Folksy shop. Sadly the sky was so grey, and natural light wasn't going to be enough. No worries, get out the pop up photo studio..... The halogen lights that I had been using were getting way too hot, so I'd bought some LED lights. The first one changed over fine, but the second got stuck.....couldn't get it in.....couldn't get it out.... 

While I scratched my head, and plotted a solution to this problem I decided to back up all the files on my old laptop, ready to transfer them to a new Windows 10 machine...... Quick break for elevenses....

Ok, so I decide to take the photos using my daylight lamp, and one photography lamp, no problems there..... Then to edit the pictures, let's try the new laptop. Oh, dear.....the Windows 7 editing programme was so, so much easier. This is going to take my ages, so best save that for another day...Switch to the old laptop, but wait, the old laptop is backing up files!!!!!! (49715 of 'em, in case you were wondering.....) Scrap that idea.....

The new laptop wanted to do updates at 3.20pm, it finally finished at 8.30pm.....

You're getting the picture........

So today ran a bit smoother, and these 3 girls, and 2 Kewpies are now listed in my shop

Cutie the Kewpie - Dottie Dollie

Dottie Dollie Rose Mint Hair

Dottie Dollie Rose Grey Hair

Kewpie Doll Pin Brooch - Dottie Dollie

Blue Haired Rose - Dottie Dollie Brooch
The struggle with the 2 laptops will continue for a few more weeks I think, I can't get my head around dealing with it all in one go!!!

Clay and paint are so much more fun!

Tomorrow I'll have another little shop update, so keep 'em peeled!