Monday, 15 June 2015

Doll Face Brooches

Izannah Walker dolls have really taken over this year so far, but at last the Dollie Brooches are back!

They still make me smile just as much as they did when I made the first ones nearly 3 years ago, mostly because each one is different.

Cutie Lilac Bunny Kewpie

Cutie Cream Bunny Kewpie

Penny Red Bow

Penny Soft Yellow Bow

Cutie Devil Kewpie

Timothy Lime Green Hair

Cutie Kewpie

Timothy Chestnut Brown

Cutie Chubby Kewpie

Cutie Ginger Kitty Kewpie

Keep your eyes peeled for more lovely Dollie brooches soon!