Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Shop Update

We've been dog sitting this week, so with early morning walks, cuddles and playtime taking most of the day I'm behind with listings!!!

There's been so much grey, grey weather too, which makes photography hard.....

But here's the latest brooches over in my Etsy shop right now

Cutie Kewpie Bunny Brooches

Rose Pink - Antique Doll Brooch

Rose Mint Green - German Doll Brooch

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, 20 July 2015

More Unloved Dolls!

All of my doll brooches start life as a broken, discarded doll that never made it out of the factory. Even though they had a tough, unloved start in this world, I love each and every cheeky, chubby face. I feel so lucky to be able to salvage them, and share their cute faces with my customers and followers.

If you fall in love with a face, but would like different hair, eyes, or maybe a hat, please contact me via Etsy, and hopefully we can make your dream dollie too.

I've been working on another little batch of brooches, after a couple went AWOL in the post, and I had some custom orders to complete. Doll faces are quite addictive to make, so a few extras are now on their way to my Etsy shop ......

Dottie Dollie Doll Brooches

Dottie Dollie Doll Brooches

The Dutch Girl is a new design, and is currently available in green or blue. She has the cutest googly face!
Dutch Girl Doll Brooch Lysbet

Dutch Girl Doll Brooch Lysbet

Kewpies always make me smile, so I've popped two new Cutie brooches in my shop as well

Kewpie Doll Brooch

Cutie Kewpie Doll Pin
Hoping to put more lovely things online later this week, so maybe the doll for you is coming soon. Have a happy Monday xx