Saturday 19 February 2011

An Epiphany..............

Today I had an epiphany moment!
I've struggled for ages to get a smooth finish with Paperclay, but following advice from a member on Dixie Redmond's Izannah Walker Workshop I've discovered that it's ok to sand it wet!!! This is much easier for me, because it is so like cleaning porcelain greenware. I hated the dust of dry sanding....and struggled to see what I was doing!! What a simple discovery, and it I've tried it out today - to great effect!
Thanks Artis Corwin!! You made my life a little easier today :0)


  1. Aw, I'm glad you found that tip helpful. I have a couple of videos up on my blog where I'm using a wet finger with a sanding motion to smooth the clay. Not everyone works this way but I really think this helps me.

  2. I use my finger too!! But I was still not getting the finish that I was after....but the wet sanding is so like cleaning porcelain that it was like a light going on for me!! I loved your videos too Dixie, although I still haven't finished one doll, I have learnt a lot. Thanks!