Wednesday, 6 April 2011

A new painting perspective

This is another piece of experimentation for me - my work in porcelain usually uses a white, or light base, I build up the skin tone using layers of fine washes to build up a realistic look. The paint is very translucent, and has a soft, natural look.
One of the things that I find frustrating about working with paperclay is trying to get a "depth" to the skintone. After reading a blog by Susie McMahon, I am experimenting with using a dark brown base under the flesh tone paint. I have thinned the paint quite a lot, to let the dark base show through. At the moment it is still patchy - but I can see the potential. Already there are areas of "shade" in the deep parts of the sculpture. Thanks for the inspiration Susie!!

 You can read Susie's blog here

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