Tuesday 13 November 2012

A Busy Weekend!

We had a lovely day at Junk Jamboree on Saturday, we met some lovley people, parted company with some of our dollies, and the cake was superb!
Sunday was another busy day, I had free tickets to a massive craft and art show at the NEC in Birmingham, so My Mum and me had a great play away day.
The show was packed, and business seemed to be rather brisk for all the traders. I was amazed at how much stuff people seemed to be buying. There were loads of free workshops and demonstrations too for anyone who fancied having a go at something new.
My favourite stall of the day was Roosters Creations 

Scott makes colourful and original sculptures using recycled metals, I love seeing something a bit different, and Scott's work certainly fits that description.
In contrast, another artist who caught my eye was Chris Webb, a fine art photographer, whose images are both quiet and dramatic at the same time. I do urge you to visit the website, the images are beautiful!

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