Friday, 21 June 2013

Atlantic Puffin Pin Brooch

My favourite sea bird has always been the Atlantic Puffin. they remind me so much of clowns, their beaks are amazingly brightly coloured, they waddle, they nest in burrows underground. They are just so quirky and funny.
You can see a great video of a baby "puffling" on a blog post of mine from 2011.
This week a former work colleague of mine went on a trip to Skomer Island, to visit and photograph the seabirds, including Puffins. His great photographs made me so jealous! So I trawled through Pinterest, ogling pictures of the crazy birds. Then it hit me, I needed to make a Puffin brooch. So I did!

Puffin Brooch Pin
Puffin Crazy
If you would like one, they are now in my shop.

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