Saturday, 22 March 2014

Hey Big Sister!

Dottie's doll face brooches are all recreated using broken and discarded antique doll heads. They are all girls who didn't make the grade at the factory!
Sometimes, in my travels around the Internet, I come across their more perfect, big sisters, who made the "cut" to become cherished playthings.
Meet the original Lotte, who not only made the grade, but has survived in remarkable condition for many, many years.

I think she's stunningly beautiful, I never imagined she would have a lovely moulded dress. The teeny buttons are so cute! Her seller has posed her well in her pictures, can't wait to see what she sells for.....
It's great for me to have a reference to help me paint future Lotte brooches as usually I just paint from my imagination, and using my knowledge of the kinds of colours that the old doll factories would have used.
Although I got the colour almost right for the hat, the original doll is so much "peachier" than my version, and much more heavily blushed, as the old dolls so often were.
I'm definitely going to have to try again with this one!!!

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