Monday 26 May 2014

Weekend of Work

I've been working (although it seems more like playing) all weekend on my little Li-Qua-Che doll.
Adding a flesh tone base coat

Features painted, and some of my favourite stripey socks!

Blushing and antiquing finished 

Stringing and underwear coming together
She's been cast from a commercial mould from Recollect, of a Kestner googly doll, mould number 111. I've always had a soft spot for googlies, but this is definitely not a reproduction, more of an interpretation.....I prefer to paint eyes on my dolls, so she does not have glass eyes like the original, and I'm not a fan of the heavy eyelashes on the antique doll either....I also decided that she ought to have striped socks, just like me!!
Up next will be a suitable outfit, and some tiny hairstyling, so watch this space...
I'm loving working with Li-Qua-Che, and am already planning to create other, more altered versions of this little Kestner, she's going to be, I hope, a happy member of the Dottie Dollie family!


  1. She's lovely - a bit cheeky and very cute !
    Love the socks too ^_^

  2. Thanks Carolyn! So lovely to meet another UK doll person too xx