Sunday, 27 July 2014

Catch Up Sunday

Not only am I the world's worst Tweeter, but I'm also turning into a terrible blogger too!!!
So here's a bit of a catch up.....
Four all new Pansy Dollie Brooches have just gone to my Etsy Shop 

Dottie Dollie - Pansy Doll Brooches
Am I allowed to have a favourite? Well, it's the platinum blonde this time...

Pansy Brooch - Platinum Blonde
I've been working on two more cast dollies,

Googly Girl - Painting in Progress

Googly Girl - Ready to String
Two Googly Girls Strung and Ready to Dress

Choosing Fabrics

Selecting Buttons, Tim and Fabrics

Cutting out Outfits for the Girls
My Antique Googly is Getting a Dress Too...
 It wasn't all fun this week though - the flippin' washing line snapped.....dumping two loads of clean, wet washing on the floor!!!! Not a happy day......

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