Saturday, 7 March 2015

Izannah Walker Inspired...

Since the beginning of this year I have spent most of my time working on an Izannah Walker inspired doll, for a class that I will be teaching at the end of the month.
My days have been filled with sculpting, mould making, casting, pattern making, painting, sewing and stuffing. It has been all consuming, overwhelming and a great pleasure.
I've been working pretty much 7 days a week, and into the evenings, designing, creating and falling in love with "Mary" my 11" doll, inspired by Izannah's gentle old dolls from the mid 1800's. She is named after my Great, Great Grandmother Mary Falvey, who was born in Colchester barracks in 1863, a mere stones throw from where I live now.
 I still have lots of work to do, preparing casts, patterns and worksheets for my students, but I thought it was about time I shared my progress here.......

My Sculpture in Paperclay
Making the Plaster Mould

Casting Flumo Greenware

Casting Flumo Greenware

The Casts Are Cleaned And Gessoed

Designing The Body Pattern
Photos Of Antique Dolls Inspired The Painting

Paint Is "Antiqued"

Crackle Glaze Gives An "Old" Look

Alternate Hairstyles & Eyebrows
Paperclay Sculpt, Flumo Cast, Painted Arm

Painted Booties and Striped Stockings

Bare Toes, And Clothing Patterns In The Making
First "Mary" is complete
My aim with this doll is not to make an exact reproduction of Izannah's work, but to capture the "feel" and style of her dolls, with an English twist.

You can see more of my inspiration for these dolls, on my Pinterest board which is full of original dolls, paintings, clothing and children from the mid 19th Century.

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