Friday, 19 July 2019

Folksy Friday!

Another batch of totally new designs are now in my Folksy shop

These two designs both came to me from an English vintage dealer, so may have in fact been treasured toys, before becoming broken and discarded. They both caught my imagination at once, so have "jumped the queue" to become jewellery, many thanks to Debbie for making the introductions....

I spotted this Dollie, in a hodge podge of broken doll parts, and just knew that I could make her more beautiful..... Meet "Lucy"..... 

Lucy on the left, the original antique head on the right

Lucy - Dottie Dollie Brooch
Next, I spotted something else which I thought had potential, a single discarded leg... probably from a late 19th Century china doll, now alone and unwanted, but I saw the potential for fun and decided to add it to my collection too. I've already been enjoying painting different stockings, garters boots & shoes, yet I'm sure there's still more to imagine and create.... Pinterest has some wonderful examples of fancy Victorian boots which I've been loving this week....

Dottie Dollie - Victorian Leg Brooches 
That's all for this shop update, have a great weekend!

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