Sunday, 15 July 2012

Thread Heads, Nearly finished....

These 2 girls have thread for hair, all stuck down with PVA glue, then gessoed and and painted with acrylics.

They are very nearly finished, but today it's another rare sunny day, so they will have to wait a little longer.

Out in the garden there's lots to do...including relocating some of the snails that have been eating all out herbs and flowers.....we found 30 so far today....

My passion flower is coming out....

I plant one of these where ever I live, as my Nan and Grandad had one in their garden....... :0)


  1. Escargot!!!!!! Dolls are wonderful! Passion flower is new to me.

  2. Thanks Sue!

    We can't bring ourselves to use pest control methods gainst the snails, and I think the damp weather we are having is helping them to flourish.....

    Apparently the passion flower is native to South America. It's a climber, and after the flowers you get a passion fruit...I don't think these are the ones the humans eat...they are probably a different species.....the parts of the flower were said to represent parts of the crucifixtion (crown of thorns etc.) so that's where the name comes from. It just feels like home when I have one!!!