Friday, 26 July 2019

It's Folksy Friday Again....

Well, it's been a scorcher of a week, so I got to thinking about quintessentially English summer time food and beverages.... So I bring you Lucy Lemonade and Lime, and Strawberry and Cream!

Lucy Lemonade and Lime - Dottie Dollie

Lucy Strawberry and Cream - Dottie Dollie
The other Dollies in this week's shop update may be familiar to my hardcore followers, Betty Peekaboo, and Cutie the Kewpie have both been seen before in Paperclay. They have now made the switch over to resin, and to Folksy

Dottie Dollie - Kewpie Clown with a Fez

Cutie Kewpie Fez - Dottie Dollie
Dottie Dollie Peekaboo Betty Peach Beret

Peekaboo Betty Bobble Hat - Dottie Dollie

Dottie Dollie Betty Lilac Hair

Peekaboo Betty Lemonade and Lime
I'll be bringing back another of my most popular Dollies next week.....

Have a great weekend!

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