Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More Tea Clipper?

I took a day out yesterday to catch up with my good friend Justina from Mama Bea Makes. We have a few of her Beastlies and Dolls living with us at here at Dottie Towers, and I'm looking forward to adding one of her gorgeous Doll Face cushions to our can see her here..... she will look great on my red sofa, nestled amongst the spotty cushions.

We spent the day chatting about painting, sewing, and charms!! Comparing notes, recent finds and current projects. What a lovely day!

When we had drunk enough tea to sink a tea clipper, we walked up to have a peak at the newly finished Cutty Sark. It was officially opened by the Queen today, so the place was a hive of activity, with preparations being made for her arrival. (Mister Dottie tells me heard the band practising in the morning too!)

I think the view from below the ship will be amazing, but in the meantime we had to make do with peering through the windows!!! 

We could see the wooden sculptures of Jeff Soan can see better pictures of Jeff's work here.... I would love to own some of Jeff's work one day.

I understand that some of these pieces were made from timbers from the damaged Cutty Sark, it will be good to get inside the ship to see everything up close.

I came home to discover that my roller skate charm has been included in an Etsy Treasury!

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