Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ron Sims - Visual Genetics

We went along to The Minories Art Gallery this morning as Ron Sims was giving a talk on the last day of his exhibition, Visual Genetics.
Ron's work has been filling almost the whole gallery since January, including the cafe, corridors and the upstairs ballroom.
It was great to walk the entire exhibition this morning with Ron, who explained how his work has developed over time, starting with works produced during the 1960's when he attended Colchester School of Art.
Ron Sims - 1965/66
Work from this period was figurative, but beginning to head toward the hard edged, dark and light images.
As time progressed, the pictures became far more "cubist", with the structure of the inside and outside of the subject being visible, in an almost architectural style.
Ron Sims - Colour Studies
The colours in Ron's work are beautiful, a mixture of harmonious colours, contrasting colours, and even simple tonal blends.
Some images are easy to "decipher", but others only become apparent after reading the title, and taking a few steps back!
Ron Sims - Cat with Whiskers  & Vicarage Dog
Ron Sims - Yawning Dog & Dog Howling at The Moon
Although there are lots of dogs, cats, horses and even a hamster on show Ron revealed that he doesn't have a pet himself.
Ron Sims - Long Thin Cowboy
Although I have to say that the paintings are my favourite, there were also a number of printworks in the exhibition, and Ron teaches printmaking at Gainsborough's House in Sudbury.
Ron Sims
Although the exhibition is closing today, there will be another chance to see some of Ron's work later in the month. A selection of work from the exhibition will be shown at the Art Workers Guild in Bloomsbury from the 18th - 23rd March 2013.

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