Saturday, 21 June 2014

Moving Day......

The last year has been wonderful for me, I've made tote bags from vintage postcards, plastic pin brooches from old paper dolls, I then turned some of these into greetings cards and Christmas ornaments..
I've made silver  jewellery....and ceramic heads.
I've made jewellery from prints and photographs, I've made digital collage, decoupage and fabric, cushions, soft dolls and teddies.
Attending fairs, running my Etsy shop and my permanent bureau shop at GO4 Market Café has certainly kept life varied, and very, very busy.
It has left very little time for sculpting and doll making though, and to be honest, that has made me a little bit sad. So I've decided to close the bureau shop.
My last day, full time will be next Saturday 28th June.
I'll still be "popping" up at GO4, and at vintage and handmade fairs, so keep an eye out for dates soon..... and I hope that I will be able to update the Etsy shop more regularly, with dolls, jewellery and quirky accessories......
Thanks to everyone who has shopped at my permanent shop, you've made the last year a hell of a lot of fun!

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